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  • "We are passionate about our olives and the olive oil we create"

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Our olives and olive oils

Our olives and olive oils

In Southern Catalonia, the olives grown include the revered Arbequina and Empletre varieties, which are considered the kings of fruity sweet olives. They are characterised by their hint of apples, the scent of freshly cut grass and an after taste of green almonds. The oils they produce are highly prized, often being used as premium blending oils by other European producers. Farga, Regis and Manzanilla are also grown and add their own individual attributes to the mixed variety oils. These oils have a classic flavour imparted by the high quality and types of olives used.Over the past few years, we have worked hard and learnt a great deal. We have steadily expanded our range of oils. From the humble beginnings of our first unfiltered oil, followed by our ‘Oak smoked’ and home-made vinaigrette dressing, to now include a selection of oils produced by pressing fresh Arbequina olives with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. The Arbequina olive is renowned for delivering extraordinary, smooth, nutty oil, and fulfills this purpose with perfection.

We continue to sell another extra virgin olive oils from neighbouring estate; an award winner; also an oil which is pressed from 100% Arbequina olives - a very delicate oil for those you prefer something more delicate.

  • Our ultimate goal is to produce and bring to you the freshest and purest range of individual olive oils we can. 

    Casa de l’Oli , a friend and family run business, is based between Catalonia in Northern Spain and Suffolk in the UK. Our ultimate goal is to produce and carefully bring to you the freshest and purest range of individual olive oils we can.

    From our own amazing olive trees, growing on sun kissed terraces built in medieval times by the Moors, we produce our very own oil. In November and December each year, hand picked olives are gently laid out in trailers, and then taken to a restored antique oil mill (moli d’oli) not far away. Here, using traditional methods of cold pressing, the olives produce an authentic, fruity, unfiltered oil. Each pressing, takes up to 24 hours to fully complete. Going back to collect our oils is always a proud moment.



    Simone,Tim and Rebecca

    Casadeloli wins two 2013 Great Taste Awards (read more)

  • Why buy from us?

    Expertise - Over 70 years of combined experience in growing olives, and producing extra virgin olive oils.

    Commitment - We are commited to providing our customers the best quality olive oils and vinegars we can.


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  • Sallie Mountfield
    We bought some 'oak smoked' extra virgin olive oil at the Suffolk Country Fair and have very much enjoyed it.

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    We bought four little bottles of balsamic and some cold pressed olive oil at Hampton Court yesterday Had them on tomatoes with home-made red pepper and goats cheese flan last…

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